Millions of bloggers, writers, commentators and critiques out there want your attention. Me too. So let’s go for a speed dating and see if we can engage in a long-lasting relationship.

I have, well, let’s say 60 seconds to convince you first to bookmark  y-kritiks.com, second to take the time to follow what’s happening on the page, and finally to even take the trouble to share around you what you find here. 55 seconds left, so please allow me to get straight to business.

Cameroonian born, French raised, German and Chinese educated Afropolitan idealist. I spent the formative years of my youth in Africa during a period when the structural adjustments programs advocated and nearly imposed by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank were destroying lives in the so called third world countries.

After a stay in Germany, trying to pronounce words like “Angstschweiß” or “Klingelknopf” and learning how to cook a good Rote Grütze, I landed in Beijing, China, somehow following the path of my grandpa.  Having immerged myself in the Chinese Culture during the Beijing experience, I ended up living and starting a business in Shanghai, the city they call “la Pute de l’Orient”. Since roughly three years now I’ve been working on a doctoral thesis in management and economics; so I am not only a hustler but also a researcher, maybe because scholar rhymes with dollar.

Long story short: Life has brought me through a couple of journeys and I really hope that we will go through the next ones together. So let’s us have a date!

Thanks for your company, thanks for your time; but most of all thank you for taking the trouble to read my confused thoughts.

One Love to all y’all, ’cause all we have got is one life.


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