Mancunian street vibes!

Coming back from a visit to Old Trafford  this afternoon, I bumped into Chris Nelson and Robert Roginski, two truly passionate musicians playing their own musical compositions. Chris and Rob started doing music together roughly three months ago, and their first album is already on the way. To put it with Chris’s words “Things have been evolving very fast for us, with local stores starting asking where they can buy our music.” I also can’t wait to listen to their album “Street Vibe”. Of course, I do like that album title and you certainly know why. Isn’t it?

The guys are planning a small tour after the release of “Street Vibe”, so if you know any bars, cafés, pubs, or clubs which can be interested in booking them, just help please.

Over Manchester such a beautiful weather, such a nice music, life sometimes can really be twice as nice. It’s about freedom, rhythm, and hope. Thanks Chris, thanks Rob for such a vibe!


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